By Rodney W. Francis (Founder/Director: “The Gospel Faith Messenger” Ministry,” Paraparaumu, New Zealand)

We’re continuing this guest post from Rodney Francis on Paul’s Macedonian call and what it means for us to fulfil a vision that’s from God. Be sure to check out his site. He’s doing amazing work all around the world.

All around us there are people who are hurting. There are people who are defeated. There are people who are discouraged, sad, lonely and/or depressed. There are people who are “living a lie”; and they will continue to live like that until we demonstrate to them a better way. That takes vision! When others come into your presence they should feel your love, acceptance, strength and security. If they are lost in sin they should feel that, somehow, you have got the answer to their problem ~ all because of the vision of JESUS that burns within your spirit.

Here’s how you can fulfil your vision from God.


Sixthly, as they were fulfilling the vision, they continued to pray. It was not a time to give up and say, “What’s the use? God doesn’t seem to answer any more.

* Keep praying!
* Keep believing!

It is as we are moving in God, as we are going forward, endeavouring to fulfil the vision, that we find God answers prayer. God will release what we need to fulfil the vision, because, remember, the vision is His more than it is yours or mine. God will stand behind His Word and work to back it up! Don’t lose sight of the need to pray.


Seventhly, they continued to witness. They continued to share their testimony. They continued to share Jesus with other people. That’s the life of a Christian, to be able to open your mouth and to witness to others of that which Jesus has done for you. This is very important. We see in verse 13: “And as we sat down and spake to the women who resorted there,”  the result was a baptismal service.

* They witnessed effectively.
* They witnessed with purpose.
* They witnessed with results.

God wants us to be people like that, where our vision produces results.


The eighth point was that as they went forward to fulfil the vision, God touched hearts. God touches hearts today. Whatever we need to fulfil the vision, God can touch hearts to help us do it. God will supply the needs and, because God touches hearts, we can be assured that souls will be saved and baptized. Even in jail they continued to fulfil the vision! They continued to see souls saved and baptized. Nothing stands in the way when we obey God!


Ninthly, with any vision there will be opposition. We need to be aware of this. There will always be opposition to the fulfilling of the vision of God. It will come from people who are not saved, and it will come from people who are saved. It will come from those who are jealous, and it will come from those who do not understand. It will come; that is why we need to know the vision is born of God. Human nature is such that we tend to “persecute the living saints, and glorify the dead ones!” Pursue the vision with a straight course, otherwise you will find that opposition and persecution will discourage you ~ and if you get discouraged the vision will die. That must not be allowed to happen. We must get beyond the stage where we are easily offended and put-off because of what other people say when we know that we are fulfilling the vision of God. God will test us as we seek to fulfil His vision, make no mistake about that. But I tell you ~ God gets the glory out of the end result. Hallelujah!


The tenth thing that happened with Paul fulfilling the vision was that new churches were established. There is a great need for churches to be established in God, so that people can see and sense and feel the security of a church that is established, rooted and grounded in the faith of Jesus Christ. A strong church will weather the storms; a strong church will protect the weak; it will shelter those that are failing, and it will strengthen them and minister life to them. A strong church will build the people up. This is the purpose of the vision: to establish people in God (Romans 1:11).


Rodney Francis is the Founder and Director of “The Gospel Faith Messenger” Ministry” For Bible Studies, books, manuals, tapes, videos and information, contact http://www.gospel.org.nz

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