10 Questions I Would Ask Before Launching A Ministry

I’ve had some more time to prayerfully think about my first response for advice on starting a ministry.  If you haven’t listened to my podcasts on How to Steward A Prophetic Call Part 1 and How to Steward a Prophetic Call Part 2, you’re welcome to do it.

10 Questions to Ask Before Launching A Ministry

1. Have I Heard God?

I’ve learned to look for three parts to any call.

  1. There needs to be a call – anything from “I always knew” to hearing the audible voice of God. If it hasn’t been life-altering, look at your life to see i. your passion and ii. where you’ve constantly had trouble. I’ve more about that in my book Hope In Transition.
  2. The gifts to fulfill that call need to be evident. This doesn’t include skills that can be learned; it’s aptitude, passion, it’s attitude.
  3. The gifts need to be confirmed by those closest to us (the church). We may think we’re called to sing in front of millions. We may think we have a great voice. But if the spiritual fathers and mothers around us don’t agree…

2. Is My Vision Clear?

Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. Habakkuk 2:2 (New International Version)

It’s amazing the clarity that comes when we write the revelation down.

3. Is My Spouse in Agreement?

This is the kicker I’ve seen hurt too many marriages. Remember – our first and greatest ministry to our spouse and kids. I’ve done up a Spousal Daily Health Check that you can download.

4. What Skills Will I Need To Acquire Or Outsource?

I don’t want anyone to get overwhelmed. If God has led you to it, He’ll lead you through it. I also don’t want you to think you can plan for every eventuality. What I’m suggesting is that you plan out your vision and see what you’re going to need to pray in, work on, or outsource. We are supposed to be counting the cost.

5. How Am I Going To Market the Ministry?

This lines up with counting the costs. I’ve done up a Weekly Ministry Marketing Plan you can download and use.

6. What Are My Other Options?

I can’t go into the details right now, but we’ve been pursing a call to international ministry to the point of moving to the other side of the world and back. Now everyday I have more people from around the world reading my blogs, books and emails everyday than I’ve ever spoken to in a single day. It’s best not to assume anything.

7. Am I Running From Something?

We need to ask ourselves this and not hide behind fine sounding religious lines like “God’s calling me…” Anything not done in faith is sin and so if we start something to get away from something God has not released us from…well is that really faith?

8. Is It Time to Leave Where I’m At?

We may want to leave, but have we sat still long enough to hear if God says “wait”?

9. Am I Doing This For God or Me?

We may be called, it can be time for us to go, we might not be running from anything, but we may be out to build our kingdom and not His. The simple test…can I give up the dream?

10. Am I Ready to Persevere?

The dragon will always try to eat the infant. The threatened king will want to kill the babies. Don’t think you won’t be tested. Anything worth sharing needs to be refined. God’s good that way.

Good thing He’s for us.

In my initial thoughts on launching a ministry I didn’t know if the one who asked me the question wanted to be identified, so I kept him nameless. But since then he’s told me it’s OK to let people know.

It was Christopher M. Gallagher. He’s got some great sites for you to check out and connect with him on:

Gallagher Institute (http://www.gallagherinstitute.com) Preacher’s Pen (http://www.preacherspen.org) Speak-Better.com (How to Steward A Prophetic Call Part 1) Twitter (http://twitter.gallagherinstitute.com) Facebook (http://facebook.gallagherinstitute.com) LinkedIn (http://linkedin.gallagherinstitute.com)

Thanks for the question Chris. Praying for your ministry as you expand the Kingdom!

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