7 ways a smaller church pastor can easily use YouTube


Video is storytelling and storytelling is connecting with people who you can minister to in your congregation or anywhere in the world.

It’s really awesome!

You can grow a world wide ministry from your desktop.

See what I’ve been able to do…

Here are 7 ways a smaller church pastor can easily use YouTube.

1. Record your messages and upload them to YouTube.

Never do anything only once. When I speak, I create a full manuscript. If I can record the sound or video, it’s another resource for me to use online. My main advice here is to make sure you have good sound. If you can’t tie into your soundboard with a monitored line (not the main house output), look for a camera you can attach a directional mike to. My brother and I tried using Google Hangouts to broadcast live. The problem was sound. We couldn’t monitor what was going out without an addition to the sound board. We found out when we stopped broadcasting live that we were watched weekly from Africa from our little church in Edmonton.

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2. Put a welcome video on your website that you host on YouTube.

90% of people are at your church because they connect in some way with you. More and more people are checking out your website before they visit on a Sunday. Why not say, “Hi, come join us” and make them feel comfortable before they come?

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3. Answer questions people ask you on YouTube.

Don’t have time to write a blog post? Record yourself talking to the camera. You could be answering a question someone has asked you. Maybe you could expand on a sermon you preached and tell some of those stories you left on the scrap pile when you put it together?

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4. Check in with people midweek with video hosted on YouTube.

Do you want to remind people of a challenge from last week’s message? May you want to prime them for what’s to come. I do a weekly “Pastors Midweek Minute” (If you like the video intro, Video Announcements from our Church in Beaumont – 14 6 8)

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5. Teach more in-depth with videos hosted on YouTube.

I found myself sharing information not transformation, so I decided to use video to teach to those who wanted more information and keep my message time for inspiration and transformation. I use iMindMap  for the animation and record the screen with Screenflow.

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6. Interview people in your church in video on YouTube.

Video not only connects people you, it connects them with others in your church. The beauty of doing video interviews is that you can have testimonies in your service and control the time AND you have content for your site that others can get introduced to your values. I have a high school student who shot a number of interviews, but who is busy graduating so I don’t have any examples posted on YouTube yet. You can see other interviews I’ve down with others. I did these over Skype using Call Recorder.

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7. Do up announcement videos and host them on YouTube.

Why should announcements ruin the flow and disengage people? Video is storytelling. When you do up announcement videos, you have a better chance at engaging you audience and you control how long your announcements are. Uploading them to Youtube lets you have more content for you blog and remind your people and anyone one else who is checking you out online what your values are. I used Video Maker FX on this video.

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As a pastor your job is communication and in today’s world that includes video. It’s not too expensive or difficult to create some amazing videos. I don’t suggest adding one more thing to your to-do list. But I’m convinced using video and YouTube actually saves me time.

BTW I recommend this wordpress plugin to automatically post videos on my site… it saves me time so I can just upload my video to YouTube – Automatic YouTube Posts

Do you need help with your ministry videos? I’m thinking of offering a package to help smaller church pastors. Tell me if you’d be interested (at the right price, of course) by using this form.

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How else do you use video as a pastoral tool? Tell us in the comments.


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