Can A Christian Get Breast Implants?

Can a Christian get breast implants? Am I the only one who gets practical questions like this? It’s always amazes me the questions I get from people who really are looking to do the right thing. It’s actually more fun being a writer and blogger than it often was being a pastor – case in point – check out this email I just got from someone from my site (I’ve taken out the name because her friend may know she’s asking about her)

Hi, I have your book. I am a saved Christian. I have a question.

My girlfriend is a saved Christian since her childhood. Her kids are moms and now she wants to get breast implants. She said she wants cleavage.

I am in shock that a born again Christian would think so worldly. But then again, if I think of a body part I don’t like on me I guess I can understand how I would feel more self confident if that was changed. Still, because its a private sexual area I would think Jesus might feel different about it.

I am asking you: Do you think this is in God’s will?

I think it will boost her self esteem but I believe it will open the door to idol worship of ones flesh, in worth, and of course the attention in the wrong area.  Perhaps your wife could answer if this is not something you really can understand as a man.

Thank you…

Dear NameWithheld,

Yes. My wife and I had a good talk about this. I wanted to get her opinion before offering my own. She’s helped me write this.

It really amazes me how God works. Just before I got your email I was searching for something I know is on my computer, but as I searched for it I came across a file called “breast augmentation”. Now, I didn’t know I had a file on my computer about breast augmentation so I decided I had better check it out.

It was a file of PLR articles I got a while ago. PLR articles are articles that you’re allowed to use for content on blogs or articles. Usually they are so poorly written no self-respecting writer would even think about using them for content. I didn’t know that until I got these PLR articles.

Anyway, there was an article that caught my eye called “Thinking About Breast Augmentation” One of the paragraphs with no citations or proof of anything says this:

There are doctors that have found a link with breast augmentation and mental disorders. There is a pattern that a lot of doctors will see. It suggests women who choose breast implantation are slightly more likely to have undergone psychotherapy, have lower self-esteem, and have higher tendencies toward depression, suicide attempts and mental illness than the general population.

So when your email came through, I wasn’t so concerned that your friend was in danger of  opening the door to idol worship of her flesh. I’m more concerned that there are wounds to be healed in her life or lies she’s believing about herself and her worth. I know it would be freeing for her if she willing to let God speak truth to her pain, assuming there is some.

Do I think everyone who wants to make changes to their bodies has wounds or believes lies? No.

I had laser eye surgery to get rid of glasses. I told myself it was “to be practical” but now I need to wear sunglasses more so it’s not about practically and more about me looking better in sunglasses than eyeglasses.

What about laser hair reduction? We live in a society where women are not expected to have hair on certain private and public areas of their body.  Is there some deep spiritual healing that needs to take place if they want their body hair reduced? Maybe. But possibly it just provides the confidence they need in public.

What about

  • colored contacts?
  • make up?
  • removing gray from our hair?

Do you know high-heel shoes thrust the ladies shoulder’s back to give her the appearance of confidence? My wife has shoes she can only wear for a couple of hours. She still wears them…and looks great in them. Is that wrong?

I totally agree with Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” But does that mean we give up trying to look good? If it does I suggest we rip out books like the Song of Solomon that raves about a women’s beauty.

Now I do think breast augmentation is different than less invasive ways to change our appearance. I went through back surgery and the pain was gone as soon as I woke up. It was an ideal surgery. Everything went perfect…and I’m still determined to avoid any other surgery I can in the future.

Surgery is evasive.

(Assuming everything happening in the world in the right now is not pointing to the end of the age) I’m convinced in my kids lifetime they’ll look at procedures we see as commonplace today as completely barbaric. That’s just me. I do not want to willingly “go under the knife” for anything that doesn’t save my life and allow me to live life afterwards.

I think it makes more sense to “go under the knife” of the Holy Spirit and make sure everything is good between us and our Daddy. It makes more sense to get the revelation that we are children of God and what that position means now and for eternity.

Now I’m assuming your friend is not married because the first thing she would need to do would be to be in agreement with her husband.

If she’s considering breast augmentation to please her husband, there are other issues…both good and bad. My sense is that she’s not in an affirming relationship that allows her to know the value the Father has placed in her.

That’s where my concern lies what I know about her.

Can a Christian get breast implants? Yes. There are all sorts of situations where this makes sense. For example in the case of a mastectomy it shouldn’t be a theological discussion.

Is breast augmentation in God’s will? He really gives us a lot of freedom in this life. It can be against His plan for our lives. It can also be right in line with His plan for our lives. She’s got to hear from Him if her concern is that she may be out of His will.

Your friend trusts you as a friend. Love her as a friend. You don’t have to agree with her decisions, but judging only unwraps strong bonds of friendship.

Thanks for trusting me with your question.


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