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GodTalk I connect with the label "a person of the book". I'm always in the Bible and finding new insight and dusting off the old. It makes life exciting. Discover the resources and be part of the discussion. Hey, why not sign up for 40 Daily Emails to help you fast from Negativity?

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AskaPastor Do you have questions about God but no one to ask? I get questions from readers who might be too embarrassed to ask their own pastor. Read and search past Q&A's | Ask your question

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ChristianLifeCoaching Do you need some advice and encouragement on how to work out the implications of life in the Spirit? We all do. I may have already covered something you're wondering about. Join the discussion. Do you want FREE ecoaching? Get started on 7 days today!

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PastortoPastor I have a lot of experience helping other pastor's. I know a lot of what they are going through. I enjoy helping all types of pastors, but focus a lot on smaller church pastors. Get the tips and advice I share. Join the community discussion.

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