Challenging Thoughts for a Monday…


It’s the holiest of days…Easter Monday. (My tongue is in the side of my cheek.) As I write this, I’m listening the video I’ll post below. It’s a challenging thought for a Monday. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on it. Are we in a reformation? What do you think? Tell me in the comments.  

I just have to brag on my daughter…


My daughter Taya is an amazing young women. She turned 16 this week and wanted to have a party with her friends. We had too many kids too long in too small a place – but it was great. Taya asked that instead of presents, people could help her donate to the International Justice Mission […]

What’s up with Noah?

Russell Crowe as Noah

There’s a debate raging once again in the Christian world. This one is stirred up by people who know how to get press. How can the movie Noah be so contrary to the Biblical account? First off, I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve heard the reviews from Christians raging against atheist directors, too much of […]

I’m going to do it…


I’m going to do it… So many people have been saying, “I want to read the book a publisher told you would send people to hell.” that I need to release it to the public. I mentioned it in my book “Hope in Transition“. I haven’t looked at it for a while. I wrote it […]

Cool kid, cool dad, what more could you want?


This post was originally from Huffington Post It is far too cool not to share with my readers. It’s clips like this that make me want to learn so much more. I know enough to know why most of these are only a few seconds long. Daniel is going to be the best Dad on […]

7 Effective Strategies To Control Your Negative Thoughts


Every so often I get a reminder of different things that really tick me off. Often it’s around a negativity fast. Wouldn’t you know, there is another reminder butt up against my garage right now. I really don’t like having others expectations thrust on me. The old “Well, you weren’t at the meeting, but we […] 2013 in review


2013 was the year crashed. I had the big idea of turning into a Christian Social Media Bookmarking site and that lost my readers and Google rank. I turned off Jetpack during the time it was a Christian social media bookmarking site (here’s the new one I created) so the stats they are showing don’t […]